Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Virtual Classroom Experiement

Last week for our class in our Organizational Leadership program, our instructor conducted class virtually, since he was out of town. This was very relevant, considering the topic of this course is Leadership in an E-World. At the beginning of class we had some technical problems, but things got smoother, and class went really well. We were able to experience a virtual classroom/meeting, which was definitely different. We also benefited from having various and interesting speakers that our instructor was able to line up for us, that were travelling with him. There was a slight delay in the process that sometimes was a challenge. Our instructor would speak, and sometimes the delay would make it a bit choppy. Since we did not have microphones, we typed in our questions and reactions. It was fun reading others comments in the class, listening to our instructor and guest speakers, and also having our own conversations in the class. Since my own technical ability is somewhat limited, I am glad we had the opportunity to test out the technology.

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