Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Leadership in the E-World

Ok... it's 2 AM - let me try to talk about this subject. Had to play with my new car today (a Chevy Colbalt w/Onstar, XM radio, & phone) & bake this damn Amish Friendship bread!

In taking this class, which just so happens to be titled the same as this posting, I realize technology plays a bigger role than I noticed before. In working towards a degree in Organizational Leadership, is so easy to get caught up in the "soft" topics such as team building, mentoring, systems thinking, change, and many others, that technology didn't really cross my mind. Or perhaps I didn't want to think about it, being that I am not very technology-savy. But a leader does need to know about technology, or surround him or herself with others that do. It would be helpful for a leader to know about types of technology that is available, and use that information to help themselves and others be more successful.

Even with the new car that I just bought - the technology is amazing, and I had no idea it was even available. All I need to do is press the Onstar button, and they already know my name, that I just purchased the vehicle, and they will continue to monitor the vehicle sending me monthly diagnostic readings from my car to my email. Not to mention should the airbag deploy, Onstar will be contacted immediately, or if I lock my keys in my car, I can call a 800 number, and they will unlock the car for me. Another option I have is pressing the phone button, and then through voice-activation dial a phone number (of course this convenience is $17 for 100 minutes). But I figure this will potentially save me from a ticket for talking on my phone while driving or if I need to make a phone call and my cell is dead, I have this option. Since my job sometimes requires trips to Buffalo, these options could be very useful.

Ultimately, I think a leader needs to be aware of technology that is available, as well as always looking for ways to improve on this. Think about problems in terms of technological solutions, which will often save time and money. A leader needs to be open to change and new ideas, as technology is driven by thinking out of the box, as well as constantly changing and improving. Lastly, a leader needs to be skilled at integrating "soft" ideas with technology. Technology can't always be a replacement for face-to-face, it needs to be a tool used to connect people. There are so many neat things going on with technology right now, I can't wait to keep learning more about it!

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