Saturday, January 5, 2008


I have just recently started to change my opinion about blogging. I set this blog up as part of a class project & it is my first time blogging. I used to think blogging was just about the person who set up the blog - talking about him/herself, and so I thought, "why do I care." I realized that an individual's blog can be whatever he or she wants it to be, and then I started to see that this could be kinda fun. A blogger can put as much or as little into their blog as they want, and they can talk about whatever topics they want - there are just so many ways to take this! I love telling stories - ie: taking something that really happened to me or someone I know, and embellishing it to make the story better! I also love sharing information when I discover a new product/company/store. When I realized that I could share this stuff, and really anything else I want, I decided I could really get into this. For me, I think blogging will be a collage of my thoughts and some of my favorite things.

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